BP Attachments is a BuddyPress component to help others deal with attachments
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imath Adapt the plugin to BuddyPress 2.4.0
- Make sure there are no conflicts in function naming
- Fix the strict notice in BP_Attachments_Attachment->upload_dir_filter
- Use the original upload dir to get the subdir (year/month)
- Use bp_is_group_activity() instead of bp_is_group_home()
- Sync buddypress.js improvements that happened in BuddyPress 2.4.0
- Bump required version to 2.4.0-alpha and bump plugin version to 1.2.0-alpha
Latest commit 4debcc9 Oct 11, 2015


BP Attachments

BP Attachments is a "feature as a plugin" component to help other components deal with attachments. For the "once upon a time": see ticket 5429

Required Configurations

  • WordPress 4.2
  • Requires at least BuddyPress 2.4.0


  • Before activating the plugin, make sure all the files of the plugin are located in /wp-content/plugins/bp-attachments.
  • On multisite configs, make sure to activate BP Attachments at the same level than BuddyPress:
    • if BuddyPress is network activated, activate BP Attachments on the network,
    • if BuddyPress is activated on a specific blog, activate BP Attachments on the same blog.
  • Once activated from the plugins Administration screen, make sure to activate the Attachments component from the BuddyPress settings page (Settings > BuddyPress > Components ).

About the component

BP Attachments uses a specific post type bp_attachment to organize the files uploaded into a user's profile, or a Group if the BuddyPress Groups component is active.

It uses the BP Attachments API introduced in BuddyPress 2.3.0 and extends the Avatar UI.

You can watch a demo of it here

Todos & improvements

  • Privacy support:
    • See boonebgorges's work about BP Docs wiki & code
    • Switching from public dir to private dir if the bp_attachment status is 'private' into the BP_Attachments_Upload Class
    • Moving files from public dir to private and vice and versa in case an Attachment's status was edited by the user
  • Capabilities: need check & improvements
  • Add another way to register a new bp_component to allow components generated by a plugin
  • Build the Administration screens for the Attachments so that an admin can easily moderate user's Attachments
  • Add some styles in the edit attachment user's screen.
  • Check the translation file is loaded
  • ...