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Budoist - Android Todoist Client

By Yaron Budowski (

Main features:
    * Offline support (syncs with Todoist servers)
    * Filter by projects, labels and queries
    * Sort items by due date
    * View and edit notes
    * Edit labels
    * View completed items as well
    * Backup & restore Todoist data frequently
    * Many options for initial view (last used label/project, specific label/project, and many more)
    * Todoist text formatting for projects/items/notes (e.g. "my %(b)bold% item!")
    * Phone numbers, email and website addresses in items and notes are turned into clickable links
    * Support for uncompletable tasks (tasks with an asterisk at the beginning)
    * Todoist looks & feels

Source code available at:

For private use - use the code from this project freely.
For other uses (e.g. using parts of it in an application you distribute) - Please talk to me beforehand (although if you don't plan to sell your app, it'll probably be no problem).

Distributed under GPLv3:

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