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As Vanadia now already have stable release and binaries for Linux and
OSX in its GitHub release page, we should explain it in README to avoid
confusion (as apparently @xinuc is not aware that I've provided the

Custom configuration file location is also supported in v1.1.0; it was
just not documented yet, so this is the time.

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A utility to export API Blueprint .apib file to a Postman collection.


The latest executables for Linux and OSX are available from the release page, so it can be executed directly:

$ wget${VERSION}/vanadia-${VERSION}.${OS}-amd64.tar.gz
$ tar -xzf vanadia-${VERSION}.${OS}-amd64.tar.gz
$ ./vanadia -h

Manual build

If you want to be in bleeding edge, you can manually build from master:

$ git clone
$ cd vanadia
$ make

Make sure you have Go 1.9 and build-essentials as we should compile Drafter as one of its dependency.


Let's say we have an API Blueprint document, API.apib in our working directory. Then we can do:

$ ./vanadia --input API.apib --output API.postman_collection.json

Vanadia can also read input from standard input and give its output via standard output; just omit the --input and --output flag.


Vanadia is configurable with a vanadia.yml in working directory. Please refer to vanadia.yml in this repository to see what is configurable.

You can also configure Vanadia from other location by specifying the config file:

$ ./vanadia --input api/API.apib --output api/API.postman_collection.json --config api/vanadia.yml
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