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vardaan123 commented Jan 8, 2020

In the function convert_examples_to_features, each word may be split into >1 word by the BERT tokenizer

token = tokenizer.tokenize(word)

but the length of labels remains the same. So, the unpadded length of input_ids and label_ids is not the same in such cases. What is the intuition behind this? Is this a bug or done purposefully?

ReinsBrain commented May 3, 2017

Greetings, I hope this is the right avenue for a feature request regarding a sample of OVF deploy which should include provisioning network (static ip) as I don't seem to be able to deduce this from the documentation. If I should be looking for support elsewhere, please advise. Thanks in advance :)
ps. here is a link to stackoverflow question :

tristandenyer commented Jan 13, 2020

The most popular term missing from our search results (and docs) is "tls". This keeps cropping up. It is documented in our Support channel, but not here.

Proposing we add this to our docs to help those looking for this information in LC.

See Support doc:

<img width="760" alt="Screen Shot 2020-01-

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