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Bulwark Home Node Dashboard


The follow items are required by the system:

  • golang 1.10+
  • bulwark node already setup with rpc information


Automatically install the latest production release of the bwk-dash system.


Under active development

To install the system please run wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bulwark-crypto/bwk-dash/master/script/install.sh && sudo bash install.sh.


For development please follow the flow outlined below.


To download the source code please run go get github.com/bulwark-crypto/bwk-dash.

The source code will be placed in $GOPATH/src/github.com/bulwark-crypto/bwk-dash.


Go to the source code folder cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/bulwark-crypto/bwk-dash.

Run the build script ./script/local_build.sh. This will also build the web client using webpack located in ./client folder.

Binary files will be placed in architecture and os specific folders in ./bin.

For example ./bin/linux-arm and ./bin/linux-am64 for the linux operating system, ARM and x86_64 cpu architectures.


To package the files please run ./script/pkg.sh from the project source folder as well.

Files will be tar.gz and placed in the ./build folder.