Vivado design for basic NeTV2 FPGA with chroma-based overlay
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NeTV2 FPGA Basic Overlay

This reference design implements a basic chroma-key based video overlay mode, similar to the original NeTV. Overlay data is sourced from a local frame buffer. The frame buffer is filled via the PCI express interface.

This design is implemented using Vivado 2016.1. It relies upon several other IP blocks, so you will need to check out and create the IP blocks, and add references to the Project Settings->IP->Repository Manager tab.

These are the blocks you will need:

Once you've cloned these repositories, you need to go to Tools->Create and Package IP... and locally package the IP before you can use it in the top level block.

compilation notes

The design is implemented using Vivado's block diagram tool.

The IP is checked in in a "generated" state, e.g. all the IP blocks have been generated from the block diagram. This is important because it resolves most dependencies that can trip up someone else trying to compile the IP.

If you "clean" the IP state and regnerate from scratch, note that after you generate the IP and before you run synthesis, you have to edit the PCI express block to remove the slave interface, otherwise the design won't fit in the FPGA. The IP as checked-in has the slave interface edited out, so you can run a diff of the directory if you want to know what lines to delete to remove the slave interface.

License notes

The GPLv3 license only applies to IP created by the author. Other IP is licensed as labelled.