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Localizing Amphetamine

This is the repository for the resources needed to localize (translate) Amphetamine. Amphetamine is a popular and powerful macOS app for keeping your Mac awake. Unlike other keep-awake utilities, Amphetamine supports advanced workflows and extensive levels of customization. Also unlike other keep-awake utilities, Amphetamine is 100% free, with no in-app purchases, ads, or data-harvesting.

Being a free app, there are no financial resources available to hire a professional company to perform the translation. If you are considering helping to translate Amphetamine to another language, first let me say thank you. Second, to get started, please follow these steps:

1. Visit and submit a ticket letting me know you are going to start work on translating Amphetamine to another language (and let me know which language). Please wait for my confirmation before proceeding to step 2 below. I'd love to avoid having people duplicate efforts.

2. Download the Localizable.strings, AppStore_Description.txt files from this Github repository.

3. Edit/translate each file, and send the final translated files to me via You can use a free app like BBEdit to open and modify each file.


There is no financial compensation that I can offer you for your translation work, unfortunately. You will, however, be offered a spot in Amphetamine's acknowledgements. This acknowledgement spot can include your name or username/handle, and any (concise, non-offensive) text or link you'd like to appear there, including a link to your own donation page where people can reward you directly. Beyond that, I can offer my sincere gratitude for helping make Amphetamine an even better app. Thank you!


Please be sure to read the guidelines at the beginning of the Localizable.strings file. In short, they are:

1. Placeholders: Do not remove placeholder characters such as '%@', '%li', '\n', etc. Rearrange placeholder characters as needed to fit the grammar of the target language.

2. Proper Nouns/Capitalization: Amphetamine, and branded features such as Triggers, Drive Alive, etc. should always be capitalized when the target language supports this.

3. Sarcasm/Cheekiness: Remove sarcastic humor if it doesn't work in the target language.

4. Idioms: Translate the meaning, or substitute a local/regional idiom that has a same/similar meaning.

5. Conciseness: Space is limited. If you can reduce the amount of words used while remaining clear, please do so.

Translations In Progress:

• Chinese
• Dutch
• Russian
• Spanish
• French
• Czech

Translations Completed:

• English


Resources for localizing (translating) Amphetamine into another language.






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