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Magic Mirror Module - That displays current glucose level from the open source project Nightscout
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Magic Mirror Module - Keep track of blood glucose levels with ease thru your magic mirror. Display real time blood glucose levels, with trends and warnings. Powered by Nightscout

Prerequisites and requirments

  1. You need to have Nightscout enabled CGM
  2. You need to setup your own Nightscout website, please follow this tutorial


  1. Clone repository into ../modules/ inside your MagicMirror folder.
  2. Run npm install inside ../modules/MMM-Nightscout/ folder
  3. Add the module to the MagicMirror config


  1. Run git pull inside ../modules/MMM-Nightscout/ folder.
  2. Run npm install inside ../modules/MMM-Nightscout/ folder


modules: [
        module: "MMM-Nightscout",
            position: "top_left",
            config: {
                debug: true, //Optional: set to true if you want debug logs
                baseUrl: '' //Required: Base url to your Nightscout webapplication. Please make sure to not have any traling /
                colorEnabled: true //Optional: set to true if you want to get colorful bs values. Default is false.
                chartWidth: 350,  //Optional: set chart width in px. Default is 350px.
                chartHeight: 850, //Optional: set char height in px. Default is 850px. 
                chartHours: 4, //Optional: number of hours that chart tracks. Default is 4. 
                renderChart: true  //Optional: set to false if you dont want to get a chart. Default is true.
                extendedHeader: false //Option: set to false if you want to hide server title and last glucose value.


Nightscout similare chart that has fully configurable dimansions. Support color coding and could track up to 24hrs of data.

Nightscout Module

Nightscout Module

Configs retrived from Nightscout

Supports both mmol/L and mg/dL


Nightscout Module


Nightscout Module

Color theme

Set colorEnabled = true to render blood glucose level based on Nightscout thresholds (critical, warning, normal). Default is false.

Nightscout Module


Nightscout Module

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