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A timeInput widget for Shiny
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This package provides a timeInput widget for Shiny. This widget allows intuitive time input in the [hh]:[mm]:[ss] or [hh]:[mm] (24H) format by using a separate numeric input for each time component. Setting and getting of the time in R is done with 'DateTimeClasses' objects.


As the shinyTime package mimics the existing shiny functionality, using the package is easy. Some examples of adding an input widget to the UI:

ui <- fluidPage(
  # Using the default time 00:00:00
  timeInput("time1", "Time:"),

  # Set to current time
  timeInput("time2", "Time:", value = Sys.time()),

  # Set to custom time 
  timeInput("time3", "Time:", value = strptime("12:34:56", "%T")),
  # Use %H:%M format
  timeInput("time4", "Time:", seconds = FALSE)

Note that setting an inital value is done with a DateTime object, in the same way as setting a date in dateInput can be done with a Date object.

The value retrieved will also be a DateTime object. You need to convert it to character to be able to print the time, as the default character representation does not include it. An example:

server <- function(input, output) {
  # Print the time in [hh]:[mm]:[ss] everytime it changes
  observe(print(strftime(input$time1, "%T")))
  # Print the time in [hh]:[mm] everytime it changes
  observe(print(strftime(input$time4, "%R")))

For a fully functional app go to the ShinyApps example (can be a bit slow) or try the shinyTime::shinyTimeExample() function after installing the package with install.packages('shinyTime').

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