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Example of providing a facade for JavaScript micro-libraries using RequireJS in order to develop against a consistent API while abstracting out libraries as adapters that can be easily swapped.

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This is an example playground of using RequireJS to manage dependencies on facaded adapters of various mico-libraries. You can read a more long-winded explanataion at

The basic premise is to provide a common API on modules that share a similar contextual task, but differ in the micro-library that is loaded. These modules will provide a facade to interact with the underlying micro-library so that application code can bew writtern and maintained without regards to change in dependency on a library.

Within the /script/router directory, you will find at least 3 AMD modules that provide the same API to interact with 3 different micro-library implementations of client-side routing. The modules found in /scripts are handed the defined router dependency from main.js upon load through its requirement on the preferred facade.

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