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The Buster.JS documentation web site

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Buster.JS documentation

This is the sources for the Buster.JS documentation web site at

Working with the docs

To work with the documentation, simply install Sphinx, clone the repo, and build the docs:

easy_install pip    # If you don't already have the pip Python installer
pip install sphinx
git clone
cd buster-docs
make html           # Or ``make.bat html`` if you're on Windows

Now you can open _build/html/index.html in a browser to view the generated HTML site. Rerun make html to refresh the generated files.

The docs at are automatically updated when the changes are pushed to GitHub, thanks to Read The Docs.

Contributing documentation

Please feel free to add documentation, fix spelling errors or whatever. To contribute back, do a pull request, or simply send us a patch on We're happy to accept your changes in any medium, as long as it's git commits.

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