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This project will be deprecated and archived in the coming weeks/months, with the Python implementation of buttplug moving to an FFI layer on top of buttplug-rs. Bugs are currently being triaged from this library to buttplug-rs-ffi.

The new project will be at

The API will change, though minimally (mostly connection in methods), and we will most likely still distribute the pypi package under the same name ("buttplug").

You may continue to use this repo for the time being, just wanted everyone to be aware of the changes happening in the near future.


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Buttplug-py is a python implementation of the Core and Client portions of the Buttplug Sex Toy Control Protocol. It allows users to write applications that can connect to Buttplug Servers, such as the Intiface Desktop Application or Intiface C# CLI or Node CLI.

A python-based Buttplug server is certainly possible, and may happen in the future. For the moment, we are mostly trying to make it easier for people to write Buttplug applications in python that can access the already existing server implementations.

For more information on the Buttplug project, check out the project website at

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Support The Project

If you find this project helpful, you can support us via Patreon! Every donation helps us afford more hardware to reverse, document, and write code for!


Library and API Documentation for buttplug-py is available at

Other recommended reading includes


Example code is available in the examples/ directory. Examples are heavily commented to hopefully make usage of the library clearer.


Buttplug is BSD 3-Clause licensed. More information is available in the LICENSE file.


Python implementation of core message system and client for the Buttplug Sex Toy Protocol Standard




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