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React Resizable Panels logo


React components for resizable panel groups/layouts.

Supported input methods include mouse, touch, and keyboard (via Window Splitter).

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How can I use persistent layouts with SSR?

By default, this library uses localStorage to persist layouts. With server rendering, this can cause a flicker when the default layout (rendered on the server) is replaced with the persisted layout (in localStorage). The way to avoid this flicker is to also persist the layout with a cookie like so:

Server component
import ResizablePanels from "@/app/ResizablePanels";
import { cookies } from "next/headers";

export function ServerComponent() {
  const layout = cookies().get("react-resizable-panels:layout");

  let defaultLayout;
  if (layout) {
    defaultLayout = JSON.parse(layout.value);

  return <ClientComponent defaultLayout={defaultLayout} />;
Client component
"use client";

import { Panel, PanelGroup, PanelResizeHandle } from "react-resizable-panels";

export function ClientComponent({
  defaultLayout = [33, 67]
}: {
  defaultLayout: number[] | undefined
}) {
  const onLayout = (sizes: number[]) => {
    document.cookie = `react-resizable-panels:layout=${JSON.stringify(sizes)}`;

  return (
    <PanelGroup direction="horizontal" onLayout={onLayout}>
      <Panel defaultSize={defaultLayout[0]}>
        {/* ... */}
      <PanelResizeHandle className="w-2 bg-blue-800" />
      <Panel defaultSize={defaultLayout[1]}>
        {/* ... */}

A demo of this is available here.