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  1. kickmaterial kickmaterial Public

    Crowdfunding app concept for Android. Created to showcase new trends in Android development with strong focus on Material Design.

    Kotlin 1.6k 300

  2. AndroidStubServer AndroidStubServer Public

    Simple Http server that makes simulating API easy.

    Java 81 3

  3. MockServer MockServer Public

    Simple REST server that makes simulating API easy.

    Java 30 4

  4. SecretSauce SecretSauce Public

    Collection of utility classes that are common for multiple android projects.

    Kotlin 27 4

  5. OttoCachedField OttoCachedField Public

    Wrapper for expensive values (like API calls) that post results by Otto bus.

    23 1

  6. EventCallback EventCallback Public

    Retrofit callbacks on steroids

    Java 8 1


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