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BZList is an online service providing real-time BZFlag server information
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GitHub license GitHub package.json version Build Status GitHub Build Status IRC #bzlist + Angular = (kind of) real-time server stats for BZFlag.

The changelog can be found here and the offical site at

Get started

It's easy to get started, just follow the few steps below.

Get the code

You can get the code by either cloning the reposity (which is recommended) or downloading it as a ZIP file.

To clone the repository run the following (you must have Git installed).

git clone

The ZIP file can be found at

Install npm packages

Install the npm packages and verify everything is working:

npm install


To see it in action run npm start which builds and compiles the application, watches for changes to source files, and runs the Angular dev server on port 4200. Shut it down with Ctrl+C.

Useful npm scripts

These are the most useful commands defined in package.json:

Command Description
start Runs the TypeScript compiler, asset copier, and dev server all at the same time in "watch mode."
build:prod Runs the TypeScript compiler with optimizations and asset copier once and outputs it into dist/browser.
build:stats && (npm run stats-es5 or stats-2015) Builds the app and generates stats into dist and opens the stats in your browser.
build:gh-pages The same as build:prod and adds the prefix for use with GitHub Pages.
build:ssr Builds with server-side rendering.
deploy:gh-pages Deploys to GitHub Pages.
deploy:firebase Deploys everything configured to Firebase.
deploy:firebase:hosting Deploys dist/browser to Firebase Hosting.
deploy:firebase:ssr Deploys the SSR function to Firebase, deletes dist/browser/index.html and deploys hosting.

Note: If you deploy with server-side renderering you must delete dist/browser/index.html after compiling the ssr function and before deploying to hosting. This is done automatically with npm run deploy:firebase:ssr.

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