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B3HM Wiki

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Welcome to the BL3HotfixWebUI wiki!

What is B3HM

B3HM stands for Borderlands 3 Hotfix Merger. It's a tool used to modify/alter the Hotfixes the game receives from Gearbox themselves. This allows you to run mods that work similar to the mods you might be used to from 2 & TPS.


  • B3HM
  • Online connection
  • Legitimate copy of the game
  • VCRedist (use this AIO-Package and run the install_all.bat, after it's done restart your PC)

For the DLL it's recommended to use a "loader"


A special warning for users that have McAffee installed.

There has been a report of it:

  1. Blocking B3HM and crashing the game
  2. Even going to the lengths of "uninstalling" chrome (in the case of the bugreport)

Ideally you should make sure to add an exception to your antivirus program beforehand! Use your preferred search-engine to find out how to do so.

B3HM Binaries

There are two different binary-formats of B3HM available.

  • Exe
  • Dll

The Exe is the Standalone version of B3HM. You do not require anything else to run it.

The Dll, on the other hand, needs to be either injected manually every time you launch the game or you can use some sort of loader (like BL3DX11Injection) that does it for you whenever you start the game.

How to install

  • Download "" from the newest release here and extract it.

If you'd like to use the dll-format, check the instructions of the "loader" you use on how to install "plugins" or use any injector to manually inject it into the game.

How to use

If you use the dll-format without a loader, inject the dll into the BL3 process. If you use the exe-format, simply double click the exe and you should see a BL3-icon in your systray. If you don't, click on the arrow, as it might be hidden in there.

If you see that, you can open the WebUI in three different ways:

  1. Click the Systrayicon and select the option "Open WebUI"
  2. Manually navigate to
  3. Manually navigate to

Once you see the WebUI, you should wait until you see log-messages in the little log-console at the bottom of the WebUI. You'll also see a red message at the top as long as the WebUI is not connected to B3HM.

Note: Depending on your browser, this can take a bit. Either be patient or try a different browser.

Once you do, you're ready to set everything up for modding.

Get your desired mods from:

You have two options to do that. In the WebUI you can either:

  • Add Local Path
  • Add URL

If you prefer to always use the latest version of a mod, you can directly add the url of that file via the "Add URL"-button.

Note: Keep in mind, that this will download the mod every time the game requests hotfixes. If your internet connection is metered or not the best, it's a good idea to avoid doing this. Especially with bigger mods.

Alternatively you can also download mods to your PC and add them via the "Add Local Path"-button. Make sure you download them correctly.

Hint: Read this to learn how to download the files correctly.

Once you've added a/multiple mod(s) you're good to go. This setup needs to be done BEFORE you're in the main menu, where you see your character. If you were not done before that, you can go back to the title screen and back to the main menu. This should result in the game requesting the hotfixes once again.

If mod(s) have been merged/replaced, you should see a message in the console of the WebUI.

And that's it. The next time you launch B3HM and the game, you won't need to set up anything again. You can/should just open the WebUI to check if everything worked as intended.

Configuration via WebUI

Via the WebUI you have two options.

  • Replace/Merge: If it's set to merge (default) your mods will be merged with the default hotfixes you receive from Gearbox. Replace obviously means that your mod(s) completely replace the hotfixes we get from gearbox. However, this will NOT "undo"/remove any hotfixes that have been hardcoded into the binary.

  • Speedrun: This is a special mode meant to be used by speedrunners. This mode only allows the usage of "mod"-files from Those are archived official hotfixes from gearbox. If Speedrun-Mode is active, hotfixes WILL be replaced instead of merged and it can only be done ONCE per gamelaunch. This setting will be LOCKED (if enabled) as soon as hotfixes have been requested ONCE per game launch. This will also "inject" a little "news"-entry in the bottom left of the main menu where in addition to "Speedrun Mode active" a hash of the used file is shown. This hash and its related file are also printed to the WebUI-Console for verification purposes. See here for an example:

Configuration via config.json

Via the config.json-file there are a couple more things that can be modified. Available values are usually true and false.

  • dumpaftermerging: If set to true - Is only useful for debugging-purposes. After the game has requested hotfixes and B3HM is done modifying them, it'll write a dump of all hotfixes to the folder.
  • exitongameclose: If set to true - This will automatically attempt to close B3HM once it detects that there no longer is a BL3 process running
  • replacehotfixes: Same as the option via the WebUI. true replaces and false merges
  • showgui: If set to true - Automatically open the WebUI in your default browser after launching B3HM.
  • showsystray: If set to true the systray-icon is shown.
  • speedrunmode: Same as the option in the WebUI
  • verboseproxyoutput: Only really used if I need you to help me out if you experience issues