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NewsPix is a suite of apps by Matt Carroll, Catherine D'Ignazio and Jay Vachon that drive engagement in local news through pictures and visualizations. Our first app is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that delivers breaking news to the new tab window of a desktop user's browser.

Updated Jul 29, 2016

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A suite of focused and simple tools and activities for journalists, data journalism classrooms and community advocacy groups

Updated Jul 28, 2016

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Updated Jul 28, 2016

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forked from readFOLD/FOLD

Our goal is to make live streams better by making them easier to find and letting people add interesting content to them.

Updated Jul 26, 2016

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Updated Jul 22, 2016

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The new MediaMeter Topic Mapper website, under construction

Updated Jul 22, 2016

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A client for consuming content from the MediaCloud v2 API. Includes examples for adding post-processed meta-data to the stories, and saving them to CouchDB or MongoDB.

Updated Jul 20, 2016

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Repository for Study Design and Analysis

Updated Jul 19, 2016

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Trying out the Stanford NLP quote extraction to see how well it works.

Updated Jul 19, 2016

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Web app for developing and tracking civic monitoring campaigns

Updated Jul 5, 2016

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Mobile data collection client for civic monitoring campaigns

Updated Jun 30, 2016

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Front-end for the MediaCloud database

Updated Jun 22, 2016

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Skeleton Web App using MongoDB, Flask, backbone.js, and bootstrap.js

Updated Jun 21, 2016

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forked from val1ant/MediaCloud-quarterback-investigation

Code used for a MediaCloud investigation into the words used in news media to describe NFL quarterbacks of difference races.

Updated Jun 17, 2016

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A repository for commonly used reddit scripts

Updated Jun 7, 2016

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Tool for browsing the media sources and sets you can use in the MediaMeter Dashboard

Updated Jun 6, 2016

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FB Server

Updated May 22, 2016


A lightweight server to allow HTTP requests to the Stanford Named Entity Recognized and a heavily modified CLAVIN geoparser.

Updated May 4, 2016

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A simple homepage for the CLIFF project

Updated May 4, 2016

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Updated Apr 27, 2016