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Cacheonix Java Cache

Cacheonix is an open source project that provides a fast local cache and a stricly-consistent distributed cache. Cacheonix is being actively deleveloped. Cacheonix v.2.2.2 was released on May 18, 2016.


Cacheonix's Core project contains the caching functionality.

Java Web cache

Cacheonix 2.2.2 adds support for caching requests using a servlet filter. Key features include:

  • Caching web requests
  • Client-side cache control headers
  • Automatic gzip compression of responses

Please visit Cacheonix wiki section Cacheonix Java web cache for detailed information or concepts, configuration and use.

Local Cache

Cacheonix local cache improves application performance and verifical scalability by servicing a high-demand data from memory and by avoiding running into bottlenecks in the dababase and business tiers.

Strictly-consistent Distributed Cache

One of the most important Cacheonix features is strict data consistency in a cluster. Cacheonix guarantees that once an update to a key happend, it's impossible to get an old value for that key. This makese Cacheonix suitable for mission critical applications such as e-commerce and banking. Also, Cacheonix allows developing a highly-performant applications using Hibernate that have to run in a cluster.

Cacheonix and Maven

Adding Cachenix to your project is easy. Just add the following to the dependencies section of your pom.xml:


Cacheonix Downloads

You can aslo add Cacheonix to your project directly by downloading Cacheonix jar, sources and the complete distribution from htttp://


Chechk Cacheonix Wiki for detailed documentation.

Contact Us

Shoot us an email at


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