No, not the hecking card game, A small Discord bot with loads of potential
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Add the bot to your server! | Beta GitHub | Alpha GitHub

Join the Discord: Discord

You can view the commands here (Can be outdated, you have been warned).

A small Discord bot with loads of potential

Heyo, this is CahBot, a small Discord bot with- wait, I'm repeating myself here. Uhh...

CahBot: A bot that kinda sucks

Wait, no, that's bad to say

Hold on...

CahBot: A bot that kinda sucks but is being worked on almost every day


Want to host your own CahBot?

Sure thing! Head on to the amazing website and head to the install guide.

Want to support CahBot? You can support CahBot here.

Any and all donations are super-duper-sdooder appreciated, but aren't neccessarily required. All they do is help me continue working on this semi small project 😃

Want to help make CahBot? Join our Discord server and talk with us!

While I can't guarantee you a spot on the CB Team right away, if you help out by doing PRs, helping out in the CB Server, or etc., it'll increase the chance of that happening.


Well, I hope you enjoy this little project of mine, and consider being part of the community. I hope to make this a multi-purpose bot with many different commands/functions in the future, and I hope you'll be here for the ride.