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InterVarsity WordPress Theme

Copyright 2015-2020 Caleb Evans
Released under the GNU General Public License v3.0

The InterVarsity Theme is a WordPress theme intended for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA chapters with a WordPress site. I originally created the theme for the InterVarsity North County chapter website, but I have since decided to open-source the theme for the benefit of all InterVarsity chapters. Please note that this is an unofficial theme which is not affiliated with InterVarsity.

This theme integrates perfectly with the InterVarsity Plugin, which I also created for the InterVarsity North County website. The plugin allows you to create and manage small groups, and this theme includes templates for displaying them. This theme also integrates with several other features of the plugin, including page sliders and a Facebook Like Button.

Download InterVarsity Theme (ZIP)
Download InterVarsity Plugin (ZIP)


  1. Your site must be running WordPress 4.5 or newer.

  2. You must install and activate the aforementioned InterVarsity Plugin (v3.0.0 or newer), as well as the one plugin it requires, Awesome CPT.




The theme sports a clean, responsive design which focuses on content and user experience. While the theme design shines brightest on desktops and laptops, all features and behaviors of the theme are accessible on mobile devices without compromising any aspect of the site experience.

Small group templates

The theme provides several templates for displaying small groups:

  • You can view any individual small group at
  • You can view all small groups for a particular campus at
  • You can view all small groups for a particular category at
  • You can view all small groups irrespective of campus or category at

Small group filters

Every page that lists small groups includes dropdown menus which allow you to filter those respective small groups by campus, category, and day of the week.

Related small groups

Every individual small group page not only lists details for that particular group, but also the names and times of other small groups which the theme has deemed to be similar. Clicking the name of any of these related small groups will take you to the full page for that small group.

Small group search

The InterVarsity Theme allows you to search for small groups using the search icon which sits on the right side of the site header. The search function is designed to match (in any order) whole words contained in any of the following small group fields:

  • Name
  • Time
  • Location
  • Leaders
  • Campus
  • Category

Example queries

  • csusm athletes
  • monday palomar
  • brian's group
  • womens group commuter

Social header

The theme displays social icons which link to your chapter's profile pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also enable a icon which links to the chapter's email address (clicking it will launch the visitor's email app). These icons sit in the site header, and can be selectively enabled (they are disabled by default).

Cyclone Slider 2 integration

The InterVarsity Plugin that integrates with this theme allows you to assign an existing Cyclone Slider 2 slider to any page you've created. Needless to say, this theme will display the slider for any page that has one assigned to it.

Currently, this theme only supports the Default and Standard templates for sliders, so be sure to use either of those!

Front page content boxes

You can also enable up to three content boxes which can be used to describe the vision for your chapter and direct visitors to other pages on your site.

WP Maintenance Mode integration

The InterVarsity Theme also integrates with the WP Maintenance Mode plugin by applying the chosen fonts and colors to the active maintenance page.

Everything else

There are many more features and options available in the InterVarsity Theme, including options for the site footer, small group settings, and a slew of customizable messages. All of these options are available in the WordPress Customizer.


I originally created the InterVarsity Theme as a child theme of Engrave Lite, and while I have since rewritten substantial portions of my theme to make it more distinct and fully independent, remnants of Engrave's design and markup are still present.

The InterVarsity logo apart of this theme (used as the default header image) is a registered trademark of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA.