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README.md updated readme Feb 9, 2019


Expo Netflix

quick prototype of netflix's native app

Install & Build

Install: yarn install

Expo CLI: npm install -g expo-cli (if not already installed)

Run Project Locally: expo start


  • prettier and airbnb config
  • make sure you have prettier package installed on your atom/vscode editor
  • then make sure to enable these options (packages → prettier):
    • eslint integration
    • stylelint integration
    • automatic format on save (toggle format on save)
  • be aware of the .prettierignore file

Release Notes

version 0.0.2 (current)

  • Home Top Navbar
    • show/hide on scroll
    • start of stack navigation in nav bar
    • TV Shows, Movies and My List screens
    • start of mock data and images for shows/movies
  • More Stack
    • menu list (scrollable) created, with current version on screen
    • app settings
      • start of section headings
      • displays current phone model name (ios only, for now)
      • delete all downloads (mock alert)
      • storage bar styled: device storage space, netflix (downloaded) space used, and free space (all mock data)
    • privacy now opens a modal with WebView that opens Help Netflix - Privacy page
    • sign out now opens an alert with selectable options
    • manage profiles
      • modal popup with edit overlay
      • modal add profile with for kids switch
  • Modal Video player screen added
    • on open (mount), screen orientation changes to landscape
    • on close (unmount), screen orientation changes back to portrait

version 0.0.1

  • iOS and Android
  • Tab Navigation
    • Home
      • simple banner (bandersnatch)
      • add to my list
      • simple wireframe with FlatList (horizontal scroll)
    • Search
      • simple animation onFocus and onBlur of search input
      • autofocus on first render
    • My Downloads
    • More
      • simple account profiles layout
  • Chrome Cast modal screen