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Quickediting of fields in the Django admin
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Quick Edit Documentation

Authors: Corey Oordt Justin Quick <>
Version: 0.1
pip install django-quickedit==0.1.0

Django Quick Edit is a way to quickly edit fields in a model directly from the admin change_list view. It hijacks the functionality of list_editable fields but allows for data entry in a drop down form instead of inline. This concept was borrowed from Wordpress and adapted into the Django admin interface. Here is an example screenshot to show functionality


To enable fields to show up in the drop down form, specify the model and fields in your

    # 'app_label.model_name': fields
    'comments.comment': ('ip_address','user_name','comment','is_public','is_removed')

Also you must specify list_editable to turn on the form action so you can actually save data. If the ModelAdmin does not have it defined (like Django's CommentsAdmin) then the first field in your listing will be added so it will be something like: CommentsAdmin.list_editable = ('ip_address',)

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