Digital pathology image viewer with support for human/machine generated annotations and markups.
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A Web Based Annotation and Visualization Platform for Digitized Whole Slide Images

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caMicroscope is a HTML5 image viewer optimized for large bio-medical image data viewing, with a strong emphasis on cancer pathology.

The Image Viewer server is based on IIPImage server which is a Fast CGI module and OpenSeaDragon which is a deep zoom image viewer.


caMicroscope should be deployed as part of a stack; for further information see the caMicroscope distribution repository.

Core Features

  • Variable resolution browser rendering of slide images of multiple formats

  • Segmentation analysis on user-selected regions

  • Annotation drawing and sharing


Ameen Kazerouni

Alina Jasniewski

Ashish Sharma

Feiqiao "Bridge" Wang

Ganesh Iyer

Ryan Birmingham

Sanjay Agravat

Shaohuan Li

Tammy DiPrima