The Camping Book

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Camping is a small web framework, less than 4k, a little white blood cell in the vein of Rails. This little book will start with a tutorial which takes about fifteen minutes - by the end you should have a little Camping site up. The following chapters will eventually go deeper into how both Camping, HTTP and Rack works.

(“Eventually”, because these chapters are not written yet. This book is currently a very much work in progress, and we’ll be very grateful if you want to help out.)

If you at any moment need some help or have any questions or comments, we highly recommend the Mailing List which has plenty of nice people willing to help. We also have an IRC Channel if you’re into that sort of things.

Enough talk. Ready? Let’s "get started".

  1. Getting Started
  2. Publishing an App
  3. Appendix I: Upgrade Notes