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This project provides Spring Boot starters that allow you to integrate the Camunda BPM Platform into your Spring Boot applications.

Please check out the Documentation, the Getting Started Guide and the Examples.


  • Issue Tracker - if you have an idea for a new feature or want to file a bug …​ this is the place to go.

  • Contributing - check this if you want to contribute

  • Discussion Forum - this project has it’s own sub-category at the camunda forum …​ use it!

JDK 9 and onwards

Beginning with version 3.1-alpha2, Camunda Spring Boot Starter can be used in conjunction with JDK 9 / 10. As Hibernate is part of Camunda Spring Boot Starter it requires JAXB. However, JAXB is deactivated by default (and marked as deprecated) in JDK 9 / 10 and removed entirely in JDK 11. Therefore, it is sensible to re-add JAXB to your Camunda Spring Boot Starter project.

There exist various implementations of JAXB. The following Maven coordinates represent the implementation which is included in the JDKs up to version 10:


Resources for versions older than 2.3.0

Before version 2.2.0, the project existed as a community extension. Therefore the resources were located in different paths. You can find all the links below.


Migration hints from < 1.3.0 to >= 1.3.0

We have decided to refactor the configuration mechanism. Especially, we removed the org.camunda.bpm.spring.boot.starter.configuration.CamundaConfiguration interface. For now, each configuration is a org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.cfg.ProcessEnginePlugin. With this it is possible to hook into preInit, postInit and postProcessEngineBuild, which supports more complex situations. If you have implemented a CamundaConfiguration, you have to switch to ProcessEnginePlugin (and its preInit method). You can also extend your configuration from org.camunda.bpm.spring.boot.starter.configuration.impl.AbstractCamundaConfiguration to avoid a cast to SpringProcessEngineConfiguration.


The Camunda Spring Boot Starter project used to be the community extension, created and supported by

Starting from version 2.3.0 it was adopted as part of the Camunda BPM Platform.