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Personal Portfolio

Landing page for your personal portfolio made with NextJS and Chakra UI




  • The minimum Node.js version 12.2.0, which is the first version of Node.js with native ES modules support.

🎯 Features

⚙️ How to setup

npm install
npm run dev


npm install -g imageoptim-cli

📚 Reference

👍 Contribute

If you want to say thank you and/or support the active development this project:

  1. Add a GitHub Star to the project.
  2. Write a review or tutorial on Medium, or personal blog.
  3. Support the project by donating a cup of coffee.

☕ Supporters

If you want to support Personal Portfolio, you can ☕ buy a coffee here

✨ Acknowledgment


⚠️ Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2020-2030 the Authors and Code released under the MIT License. Docs released under Creative Commons.