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Python iniparse module with patches from Fedora project
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Introduction to iniparse

iniparse is a INI parser for Python which is:

* Compatible with ConfigParser: Backward compatible implementations
  of ConfigParser, RawConfigParser, and SafeConfigParser are included
  that are API-compatible with the Python standard library.

* Preserves structure of INI files: Order of sections & options,
  indentation, comments, and blank lines are preserved as far as
  possible when data is updated.

* More convenient: Values can be accessed using dotted notation
  (, or using container syntax (cfg['user']['name']).

It is very useful for config files that are updated both by users and by
programs, since it is very disorienting for a user to have her config file
completely rearranged whenever a program changes it. iniparse also allows
making the order of entries in a config file significant, which is desirable
in applications like image galleries.

Mailing List:

Copyright (c) 2001-2008 Python Software Foundation
Copyright (c) 2004-2009 Paramjit Oberoi <>
Copyright (c) 2007 Tim Lauridsen <>
All Rights Reserved.  See LICENSE-PSF & LICENSE for details.
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