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This repository

Official plugin repository for Candy.

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Candy Plugins

This is the official plugin repository for Candy, a JavaScript based multi-user chat client.

List of available plugins

  • available-rooms A plugin to show & join public rooms.
  • Chat Recall - Saves the last {x} messages to scroll through with up and down arrows, similar to terminal/cmd.
  • Clearchat - Clears chat window on click or if typing /clear
  • Colors - Send and receive colored messages.
  • Inline Images - If a user posts a URL to an image, that image gets rendered directly inside of Candy.
  • Inline Videos - If a user posts a URL to youtube video, it embeds the youtube video iframe into Candy.
  • join A plugin that allows to type /join room [password] to join a room.
  • jQuery-Ui - jQuery UI lightness theme
  • Namecomplete - Provides auto-complete of user names that are currently in the chat room.
  • Nickchange - Enable your users to change the nick using a toolbar icon
  • Notifications - OS Notifications in webkit
  • Notify Me - Notify me either through highlighting or audio that my username was mentioned.
  • Refocus - This plugin puts the focus on the entry box if the user clicks somewhere in the message list.
  • Remove Ignore - Removes the option to ignore/unignore a user from the roster.
  • Replies - Highlight any message that contains "@my_username"
  • Room Panel - Provides a list of rooms available to join.
  • Sticky Subject - Retains the subject of the room underneath the tab itself.
  • Timeago - Replaces the exact time/date with fuzzy timestamps like "2 minutes ago".


Please submit a pull request with your plugin or your changes to a plugin. We'll gladly merge it.

After a successful merge of a pull request, we will give you push access to this repository. You can then update your plugin on your own. If you update other plugins, please consider creating a pull request in order to inform the original plugin owner.

When contributing, please make sure that your code is of high quality and similar to other code in this repository. Also please submit a screenshot and a

Support & Community

Take a look at our FAQ. If it doesn't solve your questions, you're welcome to join our Mailinglist on Google Groups. You don't need to have a Gmail account for it.

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