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Official plugin repository for Candy.
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Merge pull request #130 from Sudrien/feature/more_slash_commands

implement /nick, /leave, /invite, /kick and /me passthrough
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@mweibel mweibel authored
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autojoininvites Updating autojoin invites plugin and readme.
available-rooms verry simple plugin to join rooms
bookmark Updating readme for Bookmark plugin.
chatrecall Fix #70 by removing possible colors prefix
clearchat Cleaning prefixed plugins & updating docs
colors-xhtml Escape message (related: candy-chat/candy#f93cefb)
colors Merge branch 'feature/xhtml-colors' into dev
createroom Adding subdomain option to createroom plugin.
emphasis Fix Emphasis readme
inline-images Added options so that it can be configured when inited, as well as ad…
inline-videos inline-videos: switch to protocol-relative iframe URI to avoid mixed …
join Fix event name to candy:view.message.before-send.
jquery-ui jQuery UI lightness Theme
lefttabs Updated compatibility with upcoming roombar plugin.
me-does Add warning in README after #133
modify-role Add modify role plugin
mucroombar Switched mucroombar variable naming to camelCase.
namecomplete Whitespace
nickchange Fix nickchange closure (d'oh)
notifications Remove console log.
notifyme Fix remaining occurences of nick and searchTerm
refocus Updated Refocus plugin README
removeignore Fixing path in docs
replies credit and equalities
roomPanel Removed extra comma.
slash-commands snake_case to camelCase
staticlobby Fixed double lobby on logout and relogin.
stickysubject Default link style for subject container
timeago "timeago" plugin now uses new event system
typingnotifications Updating typing notifications.
.gitignore Ignore Vim swapfiles
.jshintrc notifications: make jshint happy Merge pull request #127 from Sudrien/feature/me_does

Candy Plugins

This is the official plugin repository for Candy, a JavaScript based multi-user chat client.

List of available plugins

  • Auto-Join Invites - Automatically joins any and all incoming MUC invites.
  • available-rooms - A plugin to show & join public rooms.
  • Chat Recall - Saves the last {x} messages to scroll through with up and down arrows, similar to terminal/cmd.
  • Clearchat - Clears chat window on click or if typing /clear
  • Colors - Send and receive colored messages.
  • Colors XHTML - Send and receive colored messages formatted with XHTML.
  • Create Room - Creates a clickable UI for creating and joining rooms.
  • Emphasis - basic text formatting via textile, BBcode, or xhtml
  • Inline Images - If a user posts a URL to an image, that image gets rendered directly inside of Candy.
  • Inline Videos - If a user posts a URL to youtube video, it embeds the youtube video iframe into Candy.
  • join A plugin that allows to type /join room [password] to join a room.
  • jQuery-Ui - jQuery UI lightness theme
  • Left Tabs - Moves the tabs to the left side and uses a bit of Bootstrap3-friendly theme elements.
  • Modify Role - Adds add moderator and remove moderator context menu links.
  • Me Does - special formatting for /me messages
  • Namecomplete - Autocompletes names of users within room
  • Nickchange - Enable your users to change the nick using a toolbar icon
  • Notifications - OS Notifications in webkit
  • Notifyme - Notifies yourself in case one does use your nickname in a message
  • Refocus - This plugin puts the focus on the entry box if the user clicks somewhere in the message list.
  • Remove Ignore - Removes the option to ignore/unignore a user from the roster.
  • Replies - Highlight any message that contains "@my_username"
  • MUC Room Bar - Adds a bar to the top of the message pane that displays the room topic and allows moderators to click-to-edit.
  • Room Panel - Provides a list of rooms available to join.
  • Static Lobby - Creates a static lobby UI and pulls in a global roster. Allows you to invite people from global roster to other MUCs you are participating in.
  • Sticky Subject - Retains the subject of the room underneath the tab itself.
  • Timeago - Replaces the exact time/date with fuzzy timestamps like "2 minutes ago".
  • Typing Notifications - Displays a user's typing notification status above the text entry form.


Please submit a pull request with your plugin or your changes to a plugin. We'll gladly merge it.

After a successful merge of a pull request, we will give you push access to this repository. You can then update your plugin on your own. If you update other plugins, please consider creating a pull request in order to inform the original plugin owner.

When contributing, please make sure that your code is of high quality and similar to other code in this repository. Also please submit a screenshot and a

Support & Community

Take a look at our FAQ. If it doesn't solve your questions, you're welcome to join our Mailinglist on Google Groups. You don't need to have a Gmail account for it.

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