A security application implementing the authentication & confidentiality concepts on OS X.
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This was the security project I've developed when I was taking my computer security lecture of my computer science engineering degree. It demonstrates authentication and confidentiality concepts for files under OS X.

Be aware that it's nowhere near a complete security application and does not provide any guarantees regarding towards those manners. It just demonstrates the concepts. I'm sharing it for the purpose of anyone interested in the subject meaning to analyse how such a system works.

Please feel free forking the project and coming up with ideas!

Future Work

  • rewrite FileWatch in Swift
  • design a better UI

P.S. Sorry for the primitive UI. It's not my style, I deeply care about UI/UX but for the purpose of catching up with the deadline of the project back when I was developing, I came up with this shitty one. Probably I'll design a better one in the future.

Checking a file

Hashing with SHA 256