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This is a small application that will keep track of the higscores of the people playing the space invaders game.

How to develop

If you wan to develop on this application first install all dependencies by doing the command npm i.

run complete application

npm run serve

This will run the application on port 8080 for the front end and the apiRest calls on 8081 the websockets will be listening.

just browse to http://localhost:8080 and you will see the page.

run backend watch mode

this will not compile the front end

npm run watch:ba

run front end watch mode

this will not compile the front end

npm run watch:fe

run only build

This will compile the backend or front end

npm run build:fe
npm run build:ba


What to do:

Task Who is onit? Done
making front end score board Esther
Making front end filling in player info Karin
Add waiting and game over screens Karin
Making backend for saving data can be just json file Serge
Adding Space invaders game + sending score updates to ba Sven
Game over functionality player removed from active player list Sven
Create admin dashboard to follow players+ranking and start game Sven
load JSON file on startup with stub data/ or actual saved data Serge
Keep websocket connections alive functionality Sven
Add configuration for dashboard and admin dashboard Serge
Check for duplicate active nicknames Serge
bugs and extra's Who is onit? Done
Input names spelling && placeholders tell whart to fill in Sven
undefined score @ endgame Karin
bugs flying out of screen Sven
bugs speed and bullets changes Sven
#Feature update rename nickname during game Serge
#Feature game ignore game start signal URL atribute ignoreGameStart Sven
#Feature fire speed upgrade Sven
#Feature score timer Sven
#Feature new logo in game Sven
#Feature nickname on top of game Karin
#Bug remove inactive players from active player list Serge
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