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Capact (pronounced: "cape-act", /ˈkeɪp.ækt/) is a simple way to manage applications and infrastructure.


The Capact documentation can be found on the website.

The documentation sources reside on the website repository under docs directory.

Get started

The section contains useful links for getting started with Capact.

  • Introduction: To learn what is Capact, read the Introduction document.
  • Installation: To learn how to install Capact, follow the Installation documents.
  • Contribution: To start contributing to Capact, read the Community documents.
  • Support: If you need any help, or you have a question for us, join our Slack channel and post a message. We'll do our best to get you sorted!

Project structure

The repository has the following structure:

  ├── cmd                     # Main application directory
  ├── deploy                  # Deployment configurations and templates
  ├── docs                    # Documents that are not published on the Capact website, such as proposals and investigations
  ├── hack                    # Scripts used by the Capact developers
  ├── internal                # Private component code
  ├── ocf-spec                # Open Capability Format Specification
  ├── hub-js                  # Node.js implementation of Capact Hub
  ├── pkg                     # Public component and SDK code
  ├── test                    # Cross-functional test suites
  ├── Dockerfile              # Dockerfile template to build applications and tests images
  └── go.mod                  # Manages Go dependency. There is single dependency management across all components in this monorepo