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A simple boilerplate for rapid UI prototyping with Carbon components
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  • git clone
  • cd carbon-boilerplate
  • npm install or yarn
  • npm run dev


To start using the boilerplate, navigate to app/views/home.html and add some code. You can find code snippets of the Carbon components here. Styles can be added to app/scss/main.scss and images can be added to app/assets/img. To reference these images in your HTML, just use the relative route /assets/img/FILENAME_HERE.jpg|svg|png.


Easily deploy your app to Bluemix. In your package.json look for a script like this: "deploy": "cf push <<APP NAME HERE>>". Simply change <<APP NAME HERE>> to a valid app name, and then run npm run deploy


Find a bug? Contact me on the Cloud Platform Slack (@tjegan) or submit a new issue.


To contribute, make a fork of this repo and submit a PR

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