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Connector for pulling and converting STIX information from TAXII Service Providers into CB Feeds.


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VMware Carbon Black - STIX/TAXII 2 Connector (CentOS 6/7/8)

VMware Carbon Black EDR provides integration with STIX/TAXII version 2.0/2.1 servers.

To support this integration, Carbon Black provides an out-of-band bridge that communicates with the TAXII API. Built with python3!

The integration can be configured to retrieve STIX Indicators from a number of specified TAXII 2.0/2.1 servers. The integration will query the configured servers for SIX indicators, and then translate STIX-pattern indicators into EDR IOC format where possible to the produced a consolidated EDR threat intelligence feed. MD5/Sha256 hashes, IP addresses and domain names included in the available STIX Indicators patterns will be included, other indicators will be ignored.

Installation Quickstart

As root on your EDR or other RPM based 64-bit Linux distribution server:

cd /etc/yum.repos.d
curl -O
yum install python-cb-taxii-connector

Once the software is installed via YUM, copy the /etc/cb/integrations/taxii/connector.conf.example file to /etc/cb/integrations/taxii/connector.conf. Edit this file and place your EDR API key into the carbonblack_server_token variable and your EDR server's base URL into the carbonblack_server_url variable.

Define a new section in the ini file for each Taxii server you wish to download STIX Indicators. url= is required, and must be set to the protocol prefixed url of the server version= is optional, and controls the TAXII version of the target server (v20 or v21) score= can be provided to score the retrieved indicators (1-100), with the default being 75

By default the integration will pull from all available collections, but you can specify collections= and indicate a comma delimited list of collection-ids to limit the integration's scope

By default, the ingegration will pull all MD5/SHA256 hashes, all ip address and domain name indicators You can specify which types of indicator in the server's section of the configuration to limit the types of indicators ioc_types= (hash,domain,address) as a comma delimited list to

Two forms of authentication username and password or token authentication can be configured, optionally: username= and password= can be set for the former and token for the later. cert= can be optionally provided to locate a .pem encoded certificate+key pair to use during TLS or set to a comma delimited list of the certificate file location followed by the key. verify= can be optionally set to control TLS verification using true or false as boolean values.

Once you have the connector configured with the desired TAXII servers:

service cb-taxii-connector start

Any errors will be logged into /var/log/cb/integrations/cb-taxii-connector/cb-taxii-connector.log.


If you suspect a problem, please first look at the Taxii connector logs found here: /var/log/cb/integrations/cb-taxii-connector/cb-taxii-connector.log (There might be multiple files as the logger "rolls over" when the log file hits a certain size).

If you need detail logging, set log_level=DEBUG in the core configuration.


  • View all API and integration offerings on the Developer Network along with reference documentation, video tutorials, and how-to guides.
  • Use the Developer Community Forum to discuss issues and get answers from other API developers in the Carbon Black Community.
  • Report bugs and change requests to Carbon Black Support.

Reporting Problems

When you contact Carbon Black Support with an issue, please provide the following:

  • Your name, company name, telephone number, and e-mail address
  • Product name/version, CB EDR Server version, CB EDR Sensor version
  • Hardware configuration of the EDR Server or computer (processor, memory, and RAM)
  • For documentation issues, specify the version of the manual you are using.
  • Action causing the problem, error message returned, and event log output (as appropriate)
  • Problem severity


To create a build for EL7, run:

FISH: ./gradlew build
BASH: ./gradlew build

To create a build for EL8, run:

FISH: env DOCKERIZED_BUILD_ENV=centos8 ./gradlew build
BASH: export DOCKERIZED_BUILD_ENV=centos8; ./gradlew build

Other common commands for ./gradlew:

  • runPyTest - Runs the python test suite
  • generatePepperReport - Generates a flake 8 based pepper report.
  • createVirtualEnv - Creates the appropriate python virtual environment to build and execute the connector. Can also be used for your IDE's virtual environment.
  • runSmokeTest - Runs the smoke tests available.