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Cardano Community

An open-source hub for independent Cardano Ecosystem projects

A Hub for community projects across Cardano ecosystem to host their repositories under single umbrella

Everyone is welcome to host their open-source repository while maintaining their own permissions, credits, and methodologies.

The aim to have this org account is simply to make it easier for community projects to be held together and collaborate better as ecosystem. Understandably, not everyone may find it suitable for their use - but the idea is to not have stale repositories that are not maintained to be lost forever or have to be forked as the maintainers may often move on to other tasks gradually.

PS: We're still in learning phase and only trying to make things as easy as possible to hold together, and welcome suggestions to make things better.

To-Do for org maintainance:

  • Add initial projects
  • Prepare onboarding documentations
  • Update entry pages to provide listing of repositories and primary authors
  • Set up templates


  1. Artifacts and scripts created by Guild operators

    Shell 283 147

  2. support-faq Public

    FAQ with instructions for common queries asked by general public

    CSS 10 33

  3. koios-java-client

    Java 9 2

  4. pool_groups Public

    A common place to identify groups for pools running in Cardano Ecosystem

    Python 4 17

  5. Go Client library for Koios API and CLI app to query endpoints.

    Go 4 2

  6. Artifacts for and websites

    Python 3 5