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Color Schemes

Works well in Sublime Text (2) and TextMate.


sublime-color-schemes are now included in the well known Sublime Package Control by wbond. Follow the Sublime Package Control installation instructions and then search for " carlcalderon ".

Alternative way

Either download the repository and copy-paste the themes that you like to your Packages directory or clone the reponsitory using the following command.

git clone https://github.com/carlcalderon/sublime-color-schemes/ ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages/Color\ Scheme\ \-\ carlcalderon


Please feel free to comment, suggest, stab or pull request. The goal is to create and maintain the best possible schemes to everyone. Any Flattr dontations are much appreciated!

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Calydon: Calydon

Calydon plain: Calydon plain

Calydon light: Calydon light

Finder: Finder

Finder Light: Finder modified by Gavin Blair Finder Light

Stereokai: Heavily based on Monokai by Wimer Hazenberg. JSON, GitGutter and Markdown support added by André Zanghelini. Stereokai

Tyrann: Tyrann

Tyrann Alex: Tyrann Alex

Tyrann Kim: Tyrann Kim

Tyrann Blue: Tyrann Blue