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To launch the presentation:

  1. Open the .html file in Chrome.
  2. If necessary, unblock pop-ups from the .html file.
  3. Refresh Chrome to get it to open the presenters window.
  4. Move the presenters window to a second screen.
  5. Ensure that focus is on the presenters window.
  6. Press p to enter presenter mode.

You are ready to present.

Advance the slides using arrow keys or PgUp/PgDn.

Clicking on slides in the presenters window will not advance the slides in the main window.

More information on managing the presentation at the following URLs:



Here is the post that describes the issue with state not being saved between Python chunks.


And this post on Stack Overflow:

Using python together with knitr http://stackoverflow.com/questions/40171949/using-python-together-with-knitr

which links to the following

knitr - Python engine cache option not working http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30175948/knitr-python-engine-cache-option-not-working

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