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Deep learning classifier and image generator for building architecture.
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Deep Learning Architectures for Building Architecture

Title: Building Deep Learning Architectures to Understand Building Architecture Styles

Authors: Caroline Ho & Cole Thomson {cho19, colet}

Course: CS 230 – Deep Learning



  • Install tabulate: pip install tabulate
  • Install TNT: pip install torchnet



This notebook uses transfer learning to classify images of buildings by architectural style.

Best Results: After pretraining a DenseNet on ImageNet, we achieve an accuracy of 0.795833 and a F1 score of 0.789431. (Visualizations available in notebook.)


This notebook generates images of buildings conditioned on architecture styles using a conditional GAN.

Results after 20 epochs:

cDCGAN results

Our most successful generated image is this example of Ancient Egyptian architecture, which is visibly a pyramid:

Generated Egyptian Pyramid

However, most of our images, including this example of American Craftsman architecture, are less clear. (If you look closely, you can see a blurry gabled brown roof and white walls.)

Generated American Craftsman


Much of our code has been adapted from the following sources.

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