a toolkit for rapid advanced front-end development
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A light, super fast, and intuitive static build system made for front end development and building web apps.

NOTE: If you are starting a new project with roots, we'd encourage you to check out v3, which is entirely useable and due for stable release very soon. You can find it on the v3 branch.


Make sure you have node.js installed, then just run npm install roots -g and you'll be all set.

OSX Installs
  • If you encounter problems when installing. Please ensure Xcode and Xcode Command Line Tools are Installed.
  • From Xcode go to Preferences -> Download -> Command Line Tools -> Install to install command line tools.
Windows Installs
  • If you encounter problems when installing. Please ensure Git, Python 2.7, and Visual C++ runtime executables are installed.
  • You can install Windows Visual C++ components by doing any of the following: Installing Visual Studio 2005 or above, installing the .NET framework or manually adding it to your system PATH if it already exists on your machine.


Once you have roots installed, you can use the command line to wrangle your project. You must be at least somewhat familiar with the command line to be able to use roots. All the possible commands and options are explained clearly on the man page.

Getting Started

All roots tutorials and resources that are recommended by the core team are listed below:


All documentation can be found on http://roots.cx. If you are looking for roots docs, see http://roots.cx/docs. If you are after the docs for the css library, axis, see http://roots.cx/axis.


If you are confused and/or having trouble, one of the solutions below will almost certainly get you back on your feet:

  • Consult the docs
  • File an issue
  • Ask us in the official IRC channel on freenode, #roots-dev
  • Tweet at me, and we'll work it out
  • Feel free to take part in a conversation on gitter

The Future

See the issues for discussion of upcoming features and additions. Roots is very actively developed and is moving forward at a rapid pace. Our goal is to push static sites and "single page apps" as far as they can possibly go, and we're well on the way.


I would love to have more contributors, and if you've helped out, you are awesome. I want to give a huge thanks especially to these people:

We are very open to new people getting involved and contributing. Come chat with us on IRC at freenode/#roots-dev if this seems like your kind of jam.


See the contribution guide!

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