@carsenk carsenk released this Jan 22, 2019 · 6 commits to v3.4 since this release

Denarius v3.3.6

-Tons of fixes, improvements, and stability updates
-New Protocol 33500
-New Peers Tab in QT
-New Denarius News in QT
-Fortuna Stake Improvements

Official Release notes coming soon and more binaries. Still in our v3.4 branch for development currently. Latest version is v3.3.6 in the master branch or binaries below.

Please update your wallet as soon as possible, as there are significant improvements to take advantage of! We recommend clearing your peers.dat when installing this update to improve your connection experience.


  • Fixed consensus issues in the FPS payment spread algorithm which were causing network de-syncs for some affected wallets.
  • Due to excessive I/O during sync, stealth transaction scanning is now disabled by default when you have no stealth addresses in your wallet. If you have a stealth address already configured, scanning will occur.
    If you have stealth addresses, but don't care about them, stealth scanning can be manually disabled with the config option -disablestealth
  • Fixed lag issues when syncing from 0 using wallets with large amounts of existing transactions.
  • Added the peers table in the settings dialog. You may now check out your current peers and their ping-time and other stats in the GUI! Nodes should now also select the closest node by ping-time to sync with.
  • Optimized the FortunaStake FPS blockchain scanning algorithm.
  • Added queuing system to getblocks; the message handling thread will no longer wait in a lock for the message to be pushed to the peer. Users on slow connections should see some significant sync speed improvements.
  • Tweaked wallet payment parameters - wallets will now choose to pay masternodes regardless of seeing their heartbeat. Some situations occured where a wallet did not receive a ping due to unreliable network circumstances, and would time out of people's lists.
  • Improved start-up time, and introduced a loading indicator to the splash screen for long rescans.
  • Fixed a possible segfault in the active FPS wallet which could cause the client to crash on heartbeat and refuse to become active until the txid is changed.
  • Fixed another possible segfault while starting up.
  • Cleaned up debug output

Please note, linux binaries require the associated development libraries to be installed from the package manager: libboost-all-dev libminiupnpc-dev libevent-dev libdb++-dev.

Denarius.exe Windows Binary Hashes:

SHA256   3888badd7498c9c6b26825fbf041415def4ae8597207963c38d40f5cd01b7895
MD5	b02a43a707e934143d9ba7a903d44458
SHA-1	7ec9d647fa7a72cb84615048b9660bd1279dc4bd
Authentihash	f9b4b5182df8c06e4c54f7eb6adf5e8c2b7398cbec3da0483a579191147306c7
Imphash	2852de0dcb5e0559e5231e10136fad4b

Denarius-v3.3.6-Win64.zip Hashes:

SHA256   b9c721b7c7feb5a8e7f0ecf030804f1715e37c8bcaa91887be3986ddb0a1bc31
MD5	8b27223883ca0b0a583f094b38fb448a
SHA-1	60608f97d1fc3283e84ddf4ed456148bc968e20f


SHA256   8738137464B21F49A9DA6CF9A22C3F4209905C6200D22C9BEF8D43BBEAB7D78C
MD5    41CA364D17F3A796DD329588066411CC
SHA-1   BEEC3A543871D4F2D262DE5C564D615E5B1FA3C8


SHA256   bdd8d78d45f6226b2b184c57bb18400111cf0b90b293cba592534f1b5c09bd5e
MD5    3d199dc8387b620fb180d748dd0fc5b9
SHA-1   8e1d982cb736884a8c192bed0a466436fcfd1f0c

Ensure you validate and check the hashes of the binary to ensure they are matching!

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