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Denarius [$D] is a PoW/PoS Hybrid Cryptocurrency with Tribus a new PoW Hashing Algo built specifically for D, one of a kind hybrid masternodes called Fortuna Stakes, atomic swaps, staking, mining, IPFS, optional Native Tor and I2P, and much more!


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Denarius [D]

Tribus Algo PoW/PoS Hybrid Cryptocurrency


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Denarius is a true optionally anonymous, untraceable, and secure hybrid cryptocurrency.

Ticker: D

Denarius [D] is an optionally anonymous, decentralized, energy efficient, Proof-of-Work (New Tribus Algorithm) and Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency. 10,000,000 D max with Denarius Domain Names via the Denarius NVS.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Linux 64-bit
  • Windows 64-bit
  • macOS 10.11+

Install Denarius with Snap on any Linux Distro

  • sudo apt install snapd

  • sudo snap install denarius

  • denarius for running the QT

  • denarius.daemon for running denariusd


  • Total number of coins: 10,000,000 D

  • Ideal block time: 30 seconds

  • Stake interest: 6% annual static inflation

  • Confirmations: 10 blocks

  • Maturity: 30 blocks (15 minutes)

  • Min stake age: 8 hours

  • Cost of Hybrid Fortuna Stakes: 5,000 D

  • Hybrid Fortuna Stake Reward: 33% of the current block reward

  • P2P Port: 33369, Testnet Port: 33368

  • RPC Port: 32369, Testnet RPC Port: 32368

  • Fortuna Stake Port: 9999, Testnet Port: 19999

  • D Magic Number: 0xb4eff2fa

  • BIP44 CoinType: 116

  • Base58 Pubkey Decimal: 30

  • Base58 Scriptkey Decimal: 90

  • Base58 Privkey Decimal: 158


  • Hybrid PoW/PoS Fortuna Stakes
  • Decentralized Domain Names within the Denarius NVS (.bitcoin, .btc, .d, .dnr, .denarii, .ipfs, .sys, .king, and more)
  • Name Registration is 0.1 D, 0.09 D goes to miners and stakers
  • Stealth addresses
  • Ring Signatures (16 Recommended)
  • Native Optional Tor Onion Node (-nativetor=1)
  • Encrypted Messaging
  • Multi-Signature Addresses & TXs
  • Atomic Swaps using UTXOs (BIP65 CLTV)
  • BIP39 Support (Coin Type 116)
  • Proof of Data (Image/Data Timestamping)
  • Fast 30 Second Block Times
  • New/First Tribus PoW Algorithm comprising of 3 NIST5 algorithms
  • Tribus PoW/PoS Hybrid
  • Full decentralization
  • Jupiter - IPFS API Implementation with Anonymous Decentralized File Uploads (UI and RPC)



asciicast asciicast asciicast by Buzzkillb

Compile the latest Denarius QT (Graphical Wallet) Ubuntu 16.04 or Ubuntu 18.04+

Credits to Buzzkillb for the creation of this bash script, original repository:

Compiles Denarius QT Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04, Grabs latest chaindata, and populates denarius.conf with addnodes or can update a previous compile to the latest master branch.
bash -c "$(wget -O -"

To turn on nativetor in denarius.conf

Denarius Installer Menu

Development process

Developers work in their own trees, then submit pull requests when they think their feature or bug fix is ready.

The patch will be accepted if there is broad consensus that it is a good thing. Developers should expect to rework and resubmit patches if they don't match the project's coding conventions (see coding.txt) or are controversial.

The master branch is regularly built and tested, but is not guaranteed to be completely stable. Tags are regularly created to indicate new stable release versions of Denarius.

Feature branches are created when there are major new features being worked on by several people.

From time to time a pull request will become outdated. If this occurs, and the pull is no longer automatically mergeable; a comment on the pull will be used to issue a warning of closure. The pull will be closed 15 days after the warning if action is not taken by the author. Pull requests closed in this manner will have their corresponding issue labeled 'stagnant'.

Issues with no commits will be given a similar warning, and closed after 15 days from their last activity. Issues closed in this manner will be labeled 'stale'.