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Cartesi Machine Emulator SDK

The Cartesi Machine Emulator SDK repository provides a structured way to build the off-chain emulator binaries. The current version builds:

  • The RISC-V GNU GCC toolchain
  • The Cartesi Machine Emulator
  • The testing Linux kernel

For documentation on each of this artifacts please see their own repositories.

Getting Started


  • Docker 18.x
  • C/C++ Compiler with support for C++17 (tested with GCC >= 8+).
  • GNU Make >= 3.81
  • Dependencies listed in the emulator submodule.


$ git clone --recurse-submodules
$ make toolchain
$ make emulator

If you want to build the root filesystem and the linux kernel you can type:

$ make tools
$ make kernel


$ make clean
$ make distclean

Makefile targets

The following options are available to initialize and build the software artifacts:

  • submodules: initialize and update git submodules
  • toolchain: builds the RISC-V gnu toolchain docker image
  • emulator: builds the emulator (requires toolchain)
  • tools: builds the machine-emulator-tools and rootfs
  • kernel: builds the kernel image (requires toolchain)
  • solidity-step: builds the machine solidity step

If you want to test the emulator you use:

  • run-tests: runs the emulator tests (requires emulator and tests)

If you want install the SDK artifacts:

  • install: installs the SDK artifacts (requires emulator, rom, tests, fs and kernel)

If you want to use the linux environments you can also use the following targets:

  • toolchain-env: enters the docker image-toolchain environment
  • kernel-env: enters the docker image-toolchain environment

Makefile container options

You can pass the following variables to the make target if you wish to use different docker image tags.

  • TOOLCHAIN_TAG: image-toolchain image tag
  • KERNEL_TAG: image-kernel image tag
$ make toolchain TOOLCHAIN_TAG=mytag
$ make kernel TOOLCHAIN_TAG=mytag KERNEL_TAG=mytag

It's also useful if you want to use pre-built images or run an specific version:

$ make toolchain-env TOOLCHAIN_TAG=0.1.1

OBS: Outside tagged commits the default tag is devel, which means you have to build the images on your machine.


$ make run-tests


$ make install


$ export PATH=/opt/cartesi/bin:$PATH
$ cd /opt/cartesi/share/
$ cartesi-machine



Thank you for your interest in Cartesi! Head over to our Contributing Guidelines for instructions on how to sign our Contributors Agreement and get started with Cartesi!

Please note we have a Code of Conduct, please follow it in all your interactions with the project.


The machine-emulator-sdk repository and all contributions are licensed under APACHE 2.0. Please review our LICENSE file.