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Cyber-investigation Analysis Standard Expression (CASE)

See the CASE website,, to learn everything you need to know about the Cyber-investigation Analysis Standard Expression (CASE) ontology. For learning about the Unified Cyber Ontology, CASE's parent, see UCO.

Development guidelines

The CASE Ontology Committee models domain concepts, developing the knowledge encodings for the CASE ontology. When these concepts are ready to be encoded as ontology entries, the following guidelines govern their entered forms:

  1. Style guidance - The Style Guide for Documentation of the CASE Ontology governs the style of ontology entries. An overview presentation on the style guide is available here.
  2. Turtle serialization - CASE uses rdf-toolkit to normalize the syntax of ontology Turtle files.


Example CASE data and narratives can be found at these locations:

I have a question!

Before you post a Github issue or send an email ensure you've done this checklist:

  1. Determined scope of your task. It is not necessary for most parties to understand all aspects of the ontology, mapping methods, and supporting tools.
  2. Search the Issues tab for duplicative issues. Please know, however, that the CASE community primarily tracks issues in a Jira instance available to community members. The Github Issue tracker can still be a way CASE issues are reported by users who have not registered with the community, but work on the issues will be scheduled and tracked in Jira.