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capnspacehook commented Jan 15, 2019

Unit tests need to be created that tests obfuscating with all possible Mutator permutations that are 2 Mutators long. So basically given the dozen or so current Mutators, make sure Mutators don't just work on their separately, but together as well. I've run into a few random cases where using Mutators in specific combinations produces faulty payloads, and want a test that can do this for me.


antonmalae commented Nov 15, 2018

I think that you are doing a very necessary system and your idea is cool, but at the moment it has a lot of bugs. From what I noticed, the assets do not understand the ascii characters and the system crashes. In addition, I did not find a description of the API, I would like to integrate your system into TheHive, or rather make it possible to view information about an asset in TheHive. I believe t

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