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metamachine scoring

  1. Rules:

    ⅰ. Aside from one-time costs, a proper metamachine should not require ongoing funding to continue functioning. You may find this list of free resources useful.

    ⅱ. A metamachine should continue operating indefinitely without the creator's interaction or intervention.

  2. Create a graph of your metamachine. Nodes are services, machines, and APIs. Edges are interactions.

  3. Use the following rubric to determine your metamachine's score:

score =
    (length of the longest loop in the graph - 1)
  + (number of unique node types - 2)
  + (monthly resource cost / $100)
  + new tos clause       * 4   # was a clause added to a service's TOS to outlaw your metamachine?
  + is useful            * 8   # does the metamachine provide a useful service?
  + creative node types  * 16  # minecraft servers, excel spreadsheets, etc involved
  + has human cog        * 32  # is there an unwitting human somewhere in the loop?
  + is turing complete   * 64  # is the metamachine capable of arbitrary computation?
  + cannot be stopped    * 128 # is it impossible to stop the metamachine?
  1. Submit link(s) to your metamachine, a graph of its architecture, its score according to the above rubric, along with your rationale for that score to score

  1. Compliance:

    i. No ongoing resource costs. The domain did cost money, but it not required for the ongoing function of the metamachine.

  2. Architecture diagram: architecture diagram

  3. Score:

  1pt # longest loop is 2 edges, minus 1
  0pt # two node types, minus 2
  0pt # monthly resource cost is < $100
  0pt # not useful
  0pt # no creative node types
  0pt # no human cogs
  0pt # is not turing complete
+ 0pt # can be stopped
  1pt # total


boot / ⠛⠕⠞⠞⠁⠀⠃⠕⠕⠞⠀⠮⠀⠍⠑⠞⠁⠍⠁⠡⠔⠑



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