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Document ranking via sentence modeling using BERT
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Document ranking via sentence modeling using BERT

Environment & Data

# Set up environment
pip install virtualenv
virtualenv -p python3.5 birch_env
source birch_env/bin/activate

# Install dependencies
pip install Cython  # jnius dependency
pip install -r requirements.txt

git clone
cd apex && pip install -v --no-cache-dir . && cd ..

# Set up Anserini
git clone
cd anserini && mvn clean package appassembler:assemble
cd eval && tar xvfz trec_eval.9.0.4.tar.gz && cd trec_eval.9.0.4 && make && cd ../../..

# Download data and models
tar -xzvf birch_data.tar.gz


python src/ --experiment <qa_2cv, mb_2cv, qa_5cv, mb_5cv> --data_path data --collection <robust04_2cv, robust04_5cv> --inference --model_path <models/saved.mb_3, models/saved.qa_2> --load_trained --batch_size <batch_size>

Note that this step takes a long time. If you don't want to evaluate the pretrained models, you may skip to the next step and evaluate with our predictions under data/predictions.



./eval_scripts/ <path/to/anserini> <path/to/index> <2, 5>

Sentence Evidence:

  • Compute document score

Set the last argument to True if you want to tune the hyperparameters first. To use the default hyperparameters, set to False.

./eval_scripts/ <qa_2cv, mb_2cv, qa_5cv, mb_5cv> <2, 5> <path/to/anserini> <True, False>
  • Evaluate with trec_eval
./eval_scripts/ <bm25+rm3_2cv, qa_2cv, mb_2cv, bm25+rm3_5cv, qa_5cv, mb_5cv> <path/to/anserini> qrels.robust2004.txt

Result on Robust04

  • "Paper 1" based on two-fold CV:
Model AP P@20
Paper 1 (two fold) 0.2971 0.3948
BM25+RM3 (Anserini) 0.2987 0.3871
1S: BERT(QA) 0.3014 0.3928
2S: BERT(QA) 0.3003 0.3948
3S: BERT(QA) 0.3003 0.3948
1S: BERT(MB) 0.3241 0.4217
2S: BERT(MB) 0.3240 0.4209
3S: BERT(MB) 0.3244 0.4219
  • "Paper 2" based on five-fold CV:
Model AP P@20
Paper 2 (five fold) 0.272 0.386
BM25+RM3 (Anserini) 0.3033 0.3974
1S: BERT(QA) 0.3102 0.4068
2S: BERT(QA) 0.3090 0.4064
3S: BERT(QA) 0.3090 0.4064
1S: BERT(MB) 0.3266 0.4245
2S: BERT(MB) 0.3278 0.4267
3S: BERT(MB) 0.3278 0.4287

See this paper for the exact fold settings.

Replication Log

How do I cite this work?

  title={Simple Applications of BERT for Ad Hoc Document Retrieval},
  author={Yang, Wei and Zhang, Haotian and Lin, Jimmy},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1903.10972},
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