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Data engineering for neuroscience labs 🧠

Neuroscience data is becoming larger and more complex everyday. The data we collect and the software we write can often be valuable outside the scope of the original project, and should be shared as public resources for the neuroscience community, but this is often a high bar for neuroscience labs to acheive on their own. While the benefits of sharing data and software are clear, it can be difficult for neroscientists to handle the data engineering challenges while focusing on the science.

We integrate with BRAIN Initiative-funded neuroinformatics projects such as the Neurodata Without Borders data standard, the DANDI Archive, and SpikeInterface to help labs adopt these tools. Our goal is to help labs share their data and software easily and effectively, and to facilitate secondary analysis of these datasets to accelerate the rate of scientific discovery. We believe that effective packaging and sharing of data and software will lead to new scientific workflows that build upon and combine existing studies, enabling deeper understanding of the brain and more rapid discovery of treatment for neurological disorders.

About Us πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

CatalystNeuro is a software consulting company that specializes in data engineering for neuroscience labs. We are a globally distributed team of neuroscientists who are also software developers, and we care deeply about helping neuroscience adopt state-of-the-art data engineering tools. We excel at helping data infrastructure tools with outreach and with helping neuroscience labs adopt data infrastructure tools, bridging the gap between developers and users. See our team here.

Key Software Projects πŸ“ˆ

  • NeuroConv automates conversion of data from common formats into the Neurodata Without Borders (NWB) format for distribution on the DANDI Archive.
  • NWB Widgets provides automatic, interactive visualizations of the data within NWB files that are scalable and integrated with the DANDI Archive.
  • SpikeInterface is a community-driven unified framework for spike sorting.
  • NWB GUIDE provides a user-friendly no-code graphical user interface for converting data to NWB, inspecting NWB files, and exploring the data within NWB files.

Links πŸ”—

You can find more information about us at the following links:


  1. neuroconv neuroconv Public

    Create NWB files by converting and combining neural data in proprietary formats and adding essential metadata.

    Python 41 22

  2. roiextractors roiextractors Public

    Python-based module for extracting from, converting between, and handling optical imaging data from several file formats. Inspired by SpikeInterface.

    Python 11 6

  3. ecogVIS ecogVIS Public

    Time series visualizer and data processing tools for Electrocorticography (ECoG) signals stored in NWB files, for Python.

    Python 24 17

  4. lazy_ops lazy_ops Public

    Lazy transposing and slicing of h5py and Zarr Datasets

    Python 3 3

  5. cookiecutter-my-lab-to-nwb-template cookiecutter-my-lab-to-nwb-template Public

    The standard cookiecutter template for all lab-specific NWB conversions.

    Python 1 1


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