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Cauli is a network debugging framework featuring a plugin infrastructure to hook into selected request and responses as well as recording and displaying performed requests. It provides a wide range of possibilities. For example from inspecting network traffic to mock UnitTests. Missing something fancy? How about writing your own Plugin.


🌏 Hooks into the URL Loading System
🧩 Existing set of Plugins (Florets)
🔧 Extensible Plugin Infrastructure


Getting Started



Use the following in your Podfile.

pod 'Cauliframework'

Then run pod install.


Carthage is a non intrusive way to install Cauli to your project. It makes no changes to your Xcode project and workspace. Add the following to your Cartfile:

github "cauliframework/cauli"


Add an import Cauliframework to your AppDelegate and call the run function on the shared instace in the application(:, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:). Make sure to call run before instantiating any URLSession. Otherwise Cauli can't intercept network requests and create any records.

import Cauliframework

public class AppDelegate: UIApplicationDelegate {
    public func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool {
        // perform your usual application setup
        return true

This will configure Cauli to hook into every request, setup the core florets (plugins) (InspectorFloret) and configures a shake gesture for the Cauli UI.


Please read CONTRIBUTING for details.


Cauli is available under the MIT license.

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