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A jQuery plugin for creating slideshows on a leaflet map. Will render a slideshow-carousel linked to a map inside selected elements, extending to the full width of the container. The map will follow along as the user arrows/clicks through the geotagged slides.

Check out the demo here. Unless you're busy. Cause I totally understand.

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Requires jQuery version >= 1.7.0


Requires Leaflet version >= 0.4. Since this is still in development, I'd suggest getting it directly from their github repo.


If you're going to use the leafPile: true clustering option, you should also include leafpile.js. Otherwise, don't worry about it.

Getting Started

Include either the minified or standard versions of both slidemapper.js and slidemapper.css. (See example/index.html for an example).

In your <head> section (next to other CSS):

<link href="path/to/leaflet.css" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="path/to/slidemapper.min.css" rel="stylesheet">

At the bottom of the <body> section (next to other JS)

<script src="path/to/jquery-1.7.2.min.js"></script>
<script src="path/to/leaflet.js"></script>
<script src="path/to/slidemapper.min.js"></script>


Slidemapper is just a jQuery plugin, so just call the function on a selector to create a slideshow. This is the equivalent of calling the init method on the element.

$(document).ready(function() {
    var options = {};
    $mySlideMap = $('#slideshow-container').slideMapper(options);

Then, you can call other Slidemapper methods by passing the string method name as the first argument, like so:

$mySlideMap.slideMapper('add', someSlideConfig);


These options can be passed in when you initialize the slideMapper

slides - An optional array of slide configurations to add as soon as the slideshow is created.

mapType - String indicating the type of map tiles to use. Valid options are cloudmade, stamen-toner, stamen-terrain, stamen-watercolor, mapquest, and mapquest-aerial. If you choose cloudmade, you must also provide an API key. - (default: mapquest)

apiKey - Optional string API key for use with cloudmade tiles. Get one here.

center - The starting/default center lat/lng for the map - (default: [40.423, -98.7372])

zoom - The starting/default zoom level for the map - (default: 4)

minZoom - The minimum zoom level the map should allow - (default: 2)

maxZoom - The maximum zoom level the map should allow - (default: 10)

enableKeyEvents - Enable key events (left-right arrow keys) - (default: true)

closePopupOnClick - Allow popups to close when the map is clicked - (default: false)

mapPosition - The location of the map relative to the slideshow; top or bottom - (default: bottom)

mapHeight - The height in pixels of the map - (default: 400)

slideHeight - The height in pixels of the slideshow element. If autoHeight is true, this becomes the min-height of the slideshow element. - (default: 220)

autoHeight - Automatically resize the height of the slideshow element to match the height of the current slide - (default: false)

leafPile - Enable clustering of markers on the map using an L.Leafpile. May set to true, or set to a config object to be passed to the constructor of the L.Leafpile. - (default: false)

animateSpeed - The speed in milliseconds of the slideshow animations - (default: 200)

controlType - Which type of slideshow controls to display; sides or top - (default: sides)


Manipulate the slides in the show

add(config) - add a slide to the end of the slideshow

insert(index, config) - insert a slide into the slideshow

get() - get the currently displayed slide

get(index) - get a slide at an index

count() - get the total number of slides

shuffle(moveCurrentToIndex) - move the currently displayed slide to a new index

shuffle(indexFrom, indexTo) - move a slide to a new index

remove() - remove the currently displayed slide from the slideshow

remove(index) - remove a specific slide from the slideshow

removeAll() - remove all slides from this slideshow

Change the currently displayed slide

move(index, animate) - move to a slide at an index, optionally animating the transition

next() - move to the next slide

prev() - move to the previous slide

Enable and disable events

keyEvents(turnOn) - enable or disable key events

mapEvents(turnOn) - enable or disable map events

freeze(makeFrozen) - freeze the show, preventing the user from changing slides or scrolling/zooming the map


move - fired when the slide changes

$mySlideMap = $('#slideshow-container').slideMapper();
$mySlideMap.on('move', function(e, slide, index) {
    // e     - the event object
    // slide - the slide we're moving to
    // index - the index of the slide we're moving to
    if (slide.index == 4) {
        return false; // prevent the slide from changing

Issues and Contributing

Report any bugs or feature-requests via the issue tracker. Or send me a fax. And if you'd like to contribute, send me a note! Thanks.


Leafpile is free software, and may be redistributed under the MIT-LICENSE.

Thanks for listening!


A jQuery plugin to create an animated slideshow tied to a Leaflet map.




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