Utility to convert .docx and .odt to markdown. Script for Windows.
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.docx and .odt converter to Markdown

Convert, in a batch mode, .docx and .odt files to markdown. Rely on Pandoc.

This script is the ideal companion for marknotes.

Table of Contents


This script is for Windows OS and will convert in batch every supported files (.docx and .odt) to the markdown language (.md files).

The utility will :

  • convert any .docx and .odt files present in the folder and his subfolders,
  • create one .md file by .docx or .odt file,
  • will extract every images present in .docx or .odt and will save them in a .images folder (there will be one subfolder in .images by processed file),
  • after the conversion, the original file will be moved in a .files folder

Note : the result .md will be as close as possible to the original but, please note, the conversion rely entirely on Pandoc and isn't made by this utility.



This utility rely on Pandoc and you need to first install it. Please refer to http://pandoc.org/installing.html for more information about the installation of Pandoc.

Install the script

Put a copy of this script in the folder where you've the file to convert to markdown. Supported files are .docx and .odt.

Consider the following example :


If you want to convert, in only one run every files, save the convert.vbs script to the C:\doc\ folder.

Then edit the script with a text editor like Notepad, Notepad++, Atom, ...

Search the line

Const cPandocExecutable = "C:\Christophe\Tools\pandoc\pandoc.exe"

You'll need to mention the path, on your system, to the pandoc.exe executable.

Add a 'Convert to Markdown with Marknotes' in the Windows contextual menu

What easier way than right-clicking and choosing Convert to Markdown with Marknotes?

Convert to Markdown with Marknotes

To do this, edit the marknotes_convert.reg file with a text editor like Notepad. Search C:\\Christophe\\Repository\\marknotes_convert and replace that path with your's i.e. the location on your disk where you've saved the marknotes_convert repository.

Pay attention to the double \, you'll need to use the same syntax.

Below the actual content of the .reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Convert to Markdown with Marknotes"
"AppliesTo"="System.FileName:\"*.doc\" OR System.FileName:\"*.docx\""

@="\"c:\\windows\\system32\\cscript.exe\" \"C:\\Christophe\\Repository\\marknotes_convert\\convert.vbs\" \"%1\""

Once edited, save the .reg file and double-click on it. Windows will ask if he need to merge that file with his registry and will warn about this action (can be risky). Let them to do the merge.

Note: to be able to modify the registry, you'll need to have enough permissions on your Windows system.


Start a command prompt (cmd.exe), go to the folder where you've copy this script and run it by typing cscript convert.vbs.


PRs not accepted.