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How to very easily load an Excel range into the ribbon as a dropdown
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Excel - VBA - Ribbon - Load dropdown from Excel's range

How to very easily load an Excel range into the ribbon as a dropdown

The code provided in this repository will show you, very easily, how to use a range of your workbook as source data for a dropdown in a ribbon as show in the screen capture below :


The list of possible values are taken from a range like here below. That range can be anywhere in your workbook. Most of the time, you'll put such list in a hidden sheet.


By using the VBA code below, everything will be automatic :

  • on the opening of the workbook, the ribbon will be initialized with the content of the range,
  • if you add / edit / remove values in the list, just save and close the file then reopen it to update the ribbon (you can also add VBA code to invalidate the ribbon of course),
  • by selecting a value from the dropdown, a name will be created / updated in the workbook so you can use that value in Excel's formulas,
  • you'll be able to easily get the selected value in VBA.

Table of Contents


You'll find in the src folder of this repository two files, the VBA module (modToolbar_cbxPeriod.bas) and the ribbon definition (ribbon.xml).


Get a copy of the modToolbar_cbxPeriod.bas file and import it into your Excel workbook

  1. go to VBE (press ALT-F11 to open the editor)

  2. right-click on the Modules, select Import File... and import a copy of modToolbar_cbxPeriod.bas

  3. Save and close the file

Create the list

The modToolbar_cbxPeriod module will be used by the ribbon for, a.o.t, retrieve the content of a named range : you then need to create that range.

In your workbook, create a range with the desired values (in our example, a list of period).

For instance :


Give that range a name. In our example, the name is _rngParamsPeriod. If you wish to use another, just think to modify the line below from the module

Private Const cRangeName = "_rngParamsPeriod"

Most of times, the range will be in a hidden sheet.


Get a copy of the ribbon.xml content (f.i. copy the content into the clipboard).

  1. Start a ribbon editor like, for instance, Custom UI Editor (that one or any other one)
  2. Paste there the code for the ribbon
  3. Save and close the file

Custom UI Editor


Just open your Excel file and, now, if everything was correctly installed, you'll have a ribbon with a dropdown and your values :


More dropdowns

If you wish a second, third, ... dropdown, do this :

  1. Duplicate the module and give another name (modToolbar_cbxSecond, modToolbar_cbxThird, ...)
  2. Edit the duplicated module and be sure to change the two constants below by giving name names (_rngParamsSecond and _Second, ...)
Private Const cRangeName = "_rngParamsPeriod"

Private Const cName = "_Period"
  1. Create new ranges in your Excel sheet with the list of values and give them the name you've mentioned in VBA (like _rngParamsSecond)
  2. Edit your ribbon and duplicate the dropdown line, example below. Just change hightlight values.

Second list


  • There is a limitation concerning the number of entries in a dropdown. I don't know the exact figure but if your list is made of more than ... items, Excel won't be able to load it and your dropdown will remains empty even when everyting was correctly coded. (I've just tried right now with 1500 entries and it's too big)


AVONTURE Christophe



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